Help Brought in for Stranded Birmingham Motorists

This video is no longer available.

People in the Birmingham area are still recovering from what has been a nightmare for people who were left stranded at work, school and on the roadways.

I-65 near Birmingham was gridlocked Wednesday the day after the city got pounded with several inches of snow.
Mile after mile of cars and trucks are lined up along the roadway unable to move.
11 thousand students were left at school since parents were not able to get to their children.
Many people had to either stay at work or in their cars.

Yolanda Smiley says, “we started off at 10:42 to pick my daughter up from Ramsey and we had to bring our car over here at student hall and we had to walk about 8 blocks. And then we ended up coming down here, and we don’t have no way home, no way home. Yellow cab won’t come and get us so we’re hoping that my brother in law can make it to come and get us.”

Governor Bentley took a tour of the city to assess the conditions.

State helicopters flew over the Birmingham area yesterday, but found no stranded motorists who hadn’t received help. The National Guard has been called in and will start moving empty vehicles to the sides of the roadways.
Most students have been reunited with their families at home.
But there are still hundreds of students that may have to spend a second night at school tonight.

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