Wetumpka And Millbrook Worried Draft Beer Sales In Jeopardy

The mayors of Wetumkpa and Millbrook want draft beer and Sunday alcohol sales in their cities but they’re worried they won’t get them.

Two lawmakers have different bills on the topic, leading to even more confusion. 
Last year Prattville got the legislature’s approval for draft beer sales, while Wetumpka was denied.
State Representative Paul Beckman says it was because of issues from Senator Bryan Taylor.
“He did not want to have it in some restaurant establishments like strip joints and gambling parlors and things of this nature. So there was discussion and the bill essentially died,” said Rep. Beckman.
Now he’s carrying a bill after requests from the mayors of Wetumpka and Millbrook to offer Sunday sales and draft beer. But Taylor has filed his own legislation, and Wetumpka Mayor Jerry Willis is worried they don’t have a chance now. 
“If Senator Taylor had objections to the bill that we had, then just vote against it.That would have been the simplest thing to do,” said Mayor Willis.
Taylor says he thought the mayors were fine with his bills that he’s been working on since last fall. 
“After I got an email back from a city official saying they were ok with my version, which included a referendum, I learned that they later had a meeting that I didn’t know about, in which they decided to advertise that version but to advertise a bill without a referendum in it,” said Senator Taylor.
Taylor’s Sunday Sales bill calls for a referendum to allow the people to vote on the issue, while Beckman’s does not. 
Taylor says he’s not trying to sabotage the two communities
“Not at all. I think we need to make sure that the whole river region has an equal opportunity for economic growth, for attracting new restaurants. We all want to see the region grow.”
Even though neither community was aware that Taylor was advertising a local bill for their area, they still have to front the cost to put it in the local newspapers.

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