Digital TV

As of June 12, 2009, the nation’s television industry entered the digital age. That was the day that TV stations across the country shut off their analog transmitters and began broadcasting digital signals exclusively.

CBS 8 shut off its analog transmitter in late 2008. We now send out a digital signal at one million watts — the most powerful signal of any Montgomery television station.

The CBS 8 signal can be found on digital channel 42, which many televisions and converter boxes will recognize as channel 8.1.

Remember, you’ll need a converter box and a UHF antenna to receive CBS 8 if you’re watching on an analog television set and aren’t a cable TV or Dish Network subscriber.

Even if you have cable or Dish Network, you’ll want to make plans in case you lose those services during severe weather, including hurricanes, so that you can receive CBS 8’s weather coverage.

We hope you continue to enjoy watching CBS 8 as we begin a new chapter in our broadcast history!

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