Greenville Amnesty Period

If you have multiple arrest warrants in Greenville. Police are giving you a second chance.

It’s all apart of the city’s amnesty period.

If you have several tickets and failed to appear in court. The city will give you an opportunity to explain your situation and possibly get amnesty for some of those tickets.

Police Chief Lonzo Ingram says they’re hoping this will help some who cannot pay the fines.

“The reality is people do get tickets, and sometime they forget to go to court, and then it piles up on them. This is just a way for us to try and help these people financially and at the same time for us and the court system to clear out warrants that are sent there.” says Greenville Police Chief Lonzo Ingram.

The Amnesty program ends February 27th.

If you have any questions contact Corporal Danny Bond at 437-1827. 

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