Opp Added to Purple Heart Trail

SAL PURPLEHEART PICThe city of Opp is doing what it can to support local veterans. In an effort to show even more support, the city announced Monday that it was becoming a Purple Heart City.

James Clifton was one of the veterans who attended the announcement at Opp City Hall. He said he and the veterans he knows did not go to war to become heroes, but they are glad their city is recognizing their service.

“Although most of us served and we didn’t, didn’t do it for the fan fare or anything like that,” Clifton said. “But when you’ve been in situations, and you’ve been in different places around the world, it’s good to know your efforts were not done in vain.”

The Purple Heart Trail stretches across the nation. Montgomery Purple Heart Chapter Commander and Vietnam Veteran, Vann Daughtery, is honored he could be in Opp to present the newest addition to the trail.

“As a recipient of two purple hearts, it’s an honor because Vietnam vets, we weren’t exactly welcomed home like most of your vets were,” Daughtery said. “And so anytime that we can do this, it’s an honor for us to do it.”

Mayor John Bartholomew, a veteran himself, said the decision to become a Purple Heart City was easy to make.

“To have a city, that is dedicated to our veterans, is very important, because they have a place to come home to,” Bartholomew said. “They have a place that they’re wanted. And that we appreciate the work they have done in serving our country.”

In addition to being added onto the national list of Purple Heart Cities, Opp businesses can add “Purple Heart Parking Only” signs to one of the handicap spots in their parking lot. They say it is a small way to repay the veterans for all they have sacrificed for their country.

“Well, one of the greatest things to me is the fact that we have a caring city. Who understands that the sacrifices that veterans make, everyday, make a difference,” added Clifton.

To see the complete list of Purple Heart Cities or to get more information about joining the trail, click here.

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