Troy University Students Excited for NCAA Tournament Opener Against Duke

Winning 4 games in 5 days, now has the Troy Men’s Basketball Team in position for a win over Duke.

“Possible upset against duke so i’m kind of interested in seeing what troy might do today,” says Troy University Student Benjamin Kennedy.

While these students can’t make it to South Carolina, they still expect a win, while tuning into Friday’s game.

“I think this is an opportunity for us to win one of the greatest tournament upsets and i have full faith in our trojans to do exactly that so i will be tuning in.”

“I always support duke usually when they play anyone else but come on it’s like troy so of course i’m going to be a trojan,” says Troy University Student Caroline Belle Chilton.

After a not so funny skit surrounding March Madness, from Comedian Jimmy Fallon who made the comments “What’s Troy, that’s not a college, who goes to Troy, no one goes to Troy.” Well these students have a few words for Fallon.

“I go to Troy!”

“Pay us a visit Jimmy Fallon and you’ll love Troy just as much as we do.”

Students are taking to Twitter this week to show Fallon exactly who goes to Troy. They say his comments have motivated them more to support their Trojans in the tournament opener against Duke.

“To make it to march madness is an accomplishment in itself and we’re here just to take on duke and trying to go all the way.”

“It’s such a huge stage to be on and i’m just really proud of our boys.”

Students say, they are ready for the team to bring another win home.

“I’m really excited to see how they play against Duke.”


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