Foes Reconcile after Downtown Fight Video Goes Viral

Two Montgomery foes make amends after video of a brutal fight in downtown goes viral.
The fight broke out at one o’clock Saturday morning in downtown Montgomery.
The two sides were brought together Monday night at Rell’s Kitchen to reconcile.
They shook hands and apologized to the city and to each other.
They also prayed together.
Ja’Mel Brown organized the event.

He says, “we all know it was an embarrassment what happened Friday downtown. It was embarrassing. It went viral. But what ways can we find to make something positive out of it? So over the weekend, I was thinking and I said let’s do like they used to do back in the old days. Those who had a fist fight, they put them in one room and we mediate,” said Brown.

Increased police patrols in that area are expected now.

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