Pike County Salvation Army’s Empty Bowls Luncheon to Fight Hunger

The handmade clay bowls that will be on display Friday in Troy, may be eye-catching.

“Every bowl is unique. they’re all different. you won’t find any one bowl that’s the same in here.” says, Donna McLaney, Social Service Assistant of the Pike County Salvation Army.

But they serve a bigger purpose. They will soon belong to people who have purchased a ticket to the Pike County Salvation Army’s Empty Bowls Luncheon, an event to raise money for their local food pantry.

“Somebody goes to bed hungry every night, right here in our little town of Troy,” says Kim May, Director of the Pike County Salvation Army.

The event is an afternoon of fellowship for the members of the community. They’ll sample a variety of soups and of course, find a bowl to take home which serves as a reminder of those fighting hunger.

“They love browsing through these bowls to pick out that one bowl that suits their individual likes,” says McLaney.

“We’ve been doing this for eight years and it’s growing every year,” say May.

Coordinators say  the event is made possible with the help of people in the community from making the bowls along with area restaurants contributing soups.

“We’re very pleased. everybody’s been very supportive. Volunteers come out and help us get it together,” says. May.

Pike County’s Empty Bowls Luncheon will start at 11 am until 2 pm at Bush Memorial Baptist Church in Troy. Tickets are $20 at the door.


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