"21 Days" Challenge Inspires Greenville Church To Reach Out


By Catalina Trivino

With a new year, comes new resolutions... and a church in Greenville is challenging its members to perform acts of love and kindness in the community for the next couple of weeks...

Members at Greenville's First Assembly of God are on a mission. Along with a new year, they've started a challenge called "21 Days," where Pastor Lane Simmons is promoting the next three weeks to reaching out to others.

"It shows the love of God and it shows people that they're special. And I think this would be a good year to just start reaching out of our comfort zone," Said Simmons.

It's a set of four acts, where members are encouraged to engage in 21 days of positive speaking, fasting, no unneccesary spending and prayer. This year, the church has added 21 days of kindness to the project.

"We get caught up, we're Christians, in everyday life and sometimes we forget the love that we have inside of us and we don't really scratch the surface all the time in the love that is there. And I think the more love we show, the greater our gift is," Said church member, Mark Morris. Simmons is encouraging people to perform a good deed each day as part of the project.

Ricky Crysell has participated in the 21 Day challenge the last three years. He says it has changed his life.

"I've seen God take things that I've had, like in bondage and addictions, and broke me... broke addictions off me. Things that used to bother me don't bother me no more," Said church member, Crysell.

And it's a message that's inspired other church members to take on the challenge.

"I will be doing something today for someone. Possibly call someone or send a card to them," Said another church member, June Middleton.

This might be a 21 day project, but Pastor Simmons tells CBS 8 he hopes this will inspire people to go beyond the three weeks. He says he hopes other churches join in on this, as well.


Pastor Simmons is also trying to encourage people to read the entire Bible in 2013.

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