Camillia City Civitans Bowl For A Cause, Helping Those With Special Needs


By Catalina Trivino

A group in Butler County spent the day bowling with adults with special needs...

They're bowling for a cause -- and it's all part of one group's main focus: to help people with physical and developmental disabilities.

It's the smiling faces and hugs that make it all worth-while to Steve Davison. He's part of the Camellia City Civitan Club, a service group that helps people in the community whenever there's a need. As for this local Butler County group -- their focus on Wednesday? Helping adults with special needs.

And Davison says it's spending moments like this that make him realize the Civitan Club is an extension of the church.

"Because we're out helping others, helping the needy, helping those less fortunate than us, and I think that's important and I think that's what Jesus would have us to do," Said Davison.


About 25 adults with special needs came out to bowl on Wednesday, including 57-year-old, J-B Hubbard Jr., who bowled for his first time. He tells us enjoyed the new company.

"Well, they were good to me and I was good to them. At first I was shy!" Said Hubbard.

The adults had everything from Down-Syndrome, to Autism, but after speaking with several Civitan members they tell Alabama News Network they feel like they got more out of spending time with the special needs adults more than anything.

Club members say they've been sending money to UAB's research center in hope of finding cures for those who are mentally and physically challenged.

In the next few weeks, the group will build a wheelchair ramp for someone's home.

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