What's Right: Saving Historic Buildings in Downtown Wetumpka


By Glenn Halbrooks

The Wetumpka Chamber of Commerce is leading the effort to save a block of historic buildings across the street from the Elmore Co. Courthouse.

The block is made up of five buildings. The newest was built in the early 1900s and is home to the Chamber of Commerce. The third floor has fire damage, but otherwise the building doesn't need much work.

But next door sits the oldest building in all of downtown. Its ceiling has fallen, part of the floor is missing and a brick wall is crumbling.

One of the other buildings has so much mold and mildew that we had to wear masks just to go inside.

The Chamber is holding a pancake breakfast Saturday, Sept. 28 to raise money to stabilize the buildings and make sure they no longer leak. The breakfast will be at Coaches Corner restaurant at 203 Orline St. from 7-10 a.m. For $5 a person, you can eat and show you care about the future of Wetumpka.

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