Fallen Heroes Remembered in Montgomery


By Alabama News Network

The pomp and circumstance on a day like memorial day is all about honoring those who lost their lives defending our freedom.

Some remember those who passed away recently.
"He is currently laid to rest at the national cemetary in montevallo. He died in the haiti earthquake. And in the process of dealing with the family and helping them with that crisis we became very very close and it's Lt. Col. Ken Borlen," said Lt. Gen. David Fadok, commander of Maxwell Air Force Base.
Others remember soldiers they served with going all the way back to WWII.
"We saw a lot of people that lost their lives their, friends. And I just think of them every time we have a ceremony like this," said Harold Smith, a WWII veteran.
The attendees and the nation stood still at 3:00 to remember fathers, sons, mothers, and others who died to keep this country safe.
Earlier in the day a group got together to remember four men who recently passed away that served in Vietnam.
Some call this the forgotten war, but one veteran's widow lives with his memory every day. 
"He was a sniper, a radio operator. He was a father, a husband, and he lived for this country," said Mary McKenzie, widow of a Vietnam veteran.
This day means a lot to these Vietnam veterans, using the day to help those still alive. 
"Being a tenth generation veteran it means the world to me because I spend my time trying to help vets and vet organizations to help veterans," said Vietnam veteran David Payne.  

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