New Program Lets You Conference Call Doctors


By Alabama News Network

The tools look like anything you'd find in a regular doctors office, but they're designed to help someone hundreds of miles away give you a check up.

You can even talk with a hospital in South Georgia. 
Those tools let you look at a patient's throat and a high resolution picture of their skin.
Director of Rural Development Ron Sparks says the program will change healthcare in small towns.
"That's the way it's moving into the future. It's allowing somebody in rural Alabama, possibly we can save their life or limit their rehabilitation. That's our goal. Giving people a quality of life so they'll have a better life," said Sparks. 
The rehab specialist at Southeast Alabama Medical Center, Cecelia Land,  says they've had a lot of success with the program. 
"Our hospital is a 420 bed hospital and one of the reasons we did this was we thought we could offer our services here and we felt a lot of our services weren't getting into our community hospitals," said Land. 
The Executive Director of Alabama's Telehealth Program, Lloyd Sirmons, said that there are currently 30 sites using the program.
"We've been able to do that in just under a year. So it's been moving very rapidly," said Lloyd Sirmons.
"The whole purpose of telehealth is saving lives. And it's not if it's coming to alabama, it's when," Sparks said. 

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