Alabama Looks to Limit Suits for Airbus Suppliers


By Alabama News Network
By Jamie Langley

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Alabama officials are trying to cut down on competition from Mississippi and Florida for Airbus suppliers by limiting lawsuits against commercial aircraft manufacturers and companies that supply them with parts.


The Senate and House committees voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a bill that would limit lawsuits to 12 years after a large plane is delivered. The bill's sponsor, Republican Sen. Cam Ward of Alabaster, says there is no limit now. His bill is narrowly tailored for planes exceeding 100 seats.


Gov. Robert Bentley recruited Airbus to Mobile last year. The groundbreaking is set for April.


Bentley says Mississippi and Florida have stricter litigation laws than Alabama, and they are using that to try to recruit suppliers. He says suppliers could generate 3,700 jobs and he wants those in Alabama.

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