Auburn Tailgaters Arriving Early For Gameday


By Ashley Thompson

 Tailgaters are already making their way on the campus of Auburn University to get ready for Saturday's game.

Auburn has created more than 2000 new tailgating spots this year. And some early birds arrived today to get what they say is prime location.  

The first spot we visited was the hayfields on Donahue. The tailgating park opened at 2 on Thursday and Auburn fan David Benefield says he showed up early.

" To make sure we got a spot, the best spot."

This season, Auburn is allowing some with RVs to park a day early in certain locations. And some fans are taking advantage of the new policy 

We wanted to get ahead of the crowd and last year we were always rushed when we came Friday evening after work so this year when they said they'd open it up on Thursdays, we thought what a great deal," says fan Scotty Lewis.

So what is the best spot to tailgate? Well, that depends on who you ask. But these fans say no matter where you choose, you must have certain items.

"You have to have the grill and you have to have the canopy," says Benefield. "You have to have a place to relax and you got to have a tv."


''A generator, you have to have a generator for air conditioning and for the water pump,'' says Vicki Lewis. 

This season will be Gus Malzahn's first as head coach and the fans we spoke with say they believe in him.

''He proved what he could do in 2010 so we really put our faith in him and I'm glad we got him back,'' says student Brian Brown. 

''We are so excited'' says Lewis. ''I know the whole Auburn community is. After last season. We were here for every single game and we lived through every one of those huge disappointments.''

But some say no matter what the outcome of this season, they'll be back next year to tailgate again and support the Tigers.

''I've been an Auburn fan when it was popular and when it wasn't popular,'' says Benefield. ''When it was good and when it was bad but I'm still an Auburn fan and that's what makes us fans.

The Auburn Tigers play Washington State on Saturday at 6

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