Chilton Co. Peach Season Underway


By Ashley Thompson

Peach season is underway in Alabama, with people traveling to markets all over the state to get their share of the Alabama-grown fruit.

Countless tourists stop by Durbin Farms Market in Chilton County on the way to and from vacation spots, to get fresh peaches and other peach inspired items.

"We always stop by here when we're traveling to and from like South Alabama or when we go to the beach," says North Alabama resident Paul Gibbs. "We always stop by here."

"Me and my group always come here every year and we decided on the way home, we would come on by and got me some peach pies," says customer Brooks Canup. "Sometimes we stop twice, on our way to the beach and from."

And it's that business that owner Danny Jones works for. Jones is peach farmer who owns Durbin Farms Market, a market that's been off Interstate 65 since 1961. Jones says this year, weather delayed peach season by two-and-a-half weeks.

"It's been a crazy year," says Jones. "Our spring wasn't a typical spring. We kept having those thirty-three, thirty-four, and thirty-five degree nights and forty degrees during the day and it just slowed everything down."

But now everything is back on track and Jones says he spends his days skimming his farm's orchards...trying to find the perfect batch of peaches to sell in the market.

"When we go through the fields, we check the peaches," he explains. "When we start finding a peach thats over ripe or ripe, we go and keep checking and taste them. That's how we know what's ready to be picked."

Peach season is Durbin Farms' busiest season with most people coming in to buy 'Alberta' peaches.

"Alberta, they're like a free stone meaning the stone of the seed breaks away when you open them up," says cashier Colby Jones. "They're a lot easier to peel, a lot easier to eat. They're bigger looking peaches."

And it's these peaches that keep people coming back again and again. JC Tolver says they drive from Selma to the Clanton market every month.

"I come because I like good produce and I know that's what they have here," says JC.

There are over 75 different varieties of peaches sold at Durbin Farms.



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