Montgomery Being Considered to Host College Football Bowl Game


By Ashley Thompson

Montgomery is one of nine cities being considered to host a college football bowl game starting next year.

Bowl games are usually played by division 1 schools and now, other smaller schools say they want a chance to play.

"The Mountain West, the Atlantic, the Sun Belt, Conference USA...they're being left out," says sports analyst John Longshore. "They need bowl games to go to."

And now Montgomery, the capital of dreams, is under consideration to host one. Michael Briddell with the Mayor's Office says a bowl game would bring the city major revenue.

"There's definitely the economic impact of having visitors come here to our hotels and eat at our restaurants and shop in our shops but there's also the intangible benefits that we would gain, being exposed to a national audience."

Some residents say a bowl game in Montgomery would be good for the community.

"There's a lot of kids here that are kind of, off the beaten path," says resident Johnny Johnson. "I guess seeing those athletes come here, and show them they can actually be something."

Montgomery has a three year contract with the College Football All-Star Classic, but Longshore says regardless, the city should still pursue other offers.

"I'm not sure why we signed a deal like that without some provision," says Longshore. "If we have an opportunity to get a bowl game backed by ESPN, we want to look into that and have an option to get out of the game that we're currently in."

But if the city of Montgomery chooses NOT to get in on the bowl sweepstakes, Longshore says Alabama State University could. It's something students there say would only benefit the university.

"I'm sure it would draw in money because they'll be using our concessions and our parking and I know we'll charge for it," says student Tiara Smith. "It'll help us students and get money for things we want on campus."

Other sites being considered to host the bowl game include Miami and Orlando, and international sites like Ireland and Dubai.


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