Eastdale Mall Having Success with Curfew Policy


By Ashley Thompson

It's been three months since Eastdale Mall adopted a curfew banning children 17 and younger from being at the mall without a guardian on weekends.

The mall has before had problems with violence and trespassing so to combat these issues, it's adopted a parental escort policy. It requires those 17 and younger to have a parent or guardian with them at all times after 6PM on Friday and Saturday Nights.

"There's so much going on," says mother Nanesa Traylor. "So much violence and kids are getting into things and the parents are here to see with their own eyes what's going on."

Parents we spoke with say they support the policy. Jesus Ortega is a father of two and tells us his kids never shop unattended.

"They always come with us," he says. "I have to see what they're doing. I have to be involved with them."

David Schloss is the General Manager of Eastdale Mall and says the parental escort policy continues to receive positive feedback from the community.

"Our retailers are telling us," he says. "Our customers are telling us that they're very pleased with our Friday and Saturday nights."

He says he hopes the policy will improve the mall's image and make it a premier place to shop.

"We want to make sure that people in Montgomery and the surrounding counties have a great place to shop and we think Eastdale Mall is the in-place to be."

Even Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange is supporting the mall's efforts. He tells us he believes the mall is being proactive in using a curfew.

"Somebody asked me how do I know it's working," he explains. "I said because I haven't had any complaints about it. And that's a good sign."

Right now there are no plans to discontinue the curfew.


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