FBI Investigates Auburn University Cyber Attack


By Alabama News Network

Personal information from thousands of Auburn University students may have been compromised following a cyber attack, and they're notifying students this week. 
University officials say it's a server at the college of business that was the target of that attack. They've also called in the FBI to help investigate. 

There were about 14,000 students whose information was on the server that got hacked. University officials say the hack happened sometime around November of last year. 

Auburn University says an investigation was immediately launched after the security breach. Whoever got into the system had access to class schedules, work performed by faculty and staff, and most importantly, social security numbers. 
Emilio Lerdo De Tejada has a friend whose information was compromised.
"He found out via email. And he was kind of upset about it because he didn't want any of his information leaked obviously. And I'm hoping that things get fixed."
Paul Carter with Cy3 Technology says that someone with your social security number and a little more information could do a lot of things, including claiming your tax refund. 
"Hey you're tall, hey you're married, hey you went to such and such school, I may be able to request a transcript which should have even more information about you, so I could really be masquerading as you. So it's limitless what they will do if you don't protect it," said Carter.
The university says there is no evidence that the information on the server was accessed, and some students say they still think the univerversity is keeping their information safe. 
"I think it's something we have to be concerned with but I think the university is taking a good stance on it so far, they've called in experts from the FBI so they're definitley taking a serious look at it. I also heard they're offering services to those who've been affected by it so that's good," said student Jimmy Neer.
"I think they're doing a good job of keeping it secure and safe. I know it's hurt some students, but I'm hoping they're doing their best to get that fixed and everything will get worked out," said Lerdo De Tejada.
Officials are still looking for who exactly did this. The FBI is continuing the investigation.

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