Gov. George Wallace and Family Members Remembered


By CBS 8 News

Over the years, CBS 8 News Anchor Glenn Halbrooks has presented several in-depth stories on the lives of Gov. George Wallace and his family:

The Shooting of Gov. George Wallace, Part 1
On the 35th anniversary of the assassination attempt on Gov. George Wallace in 2007, we talked to people whose lives were touched by the shooting on May 15, 1972. That included former Lt. Gov. Jere Beasley who became acting governor, and the son of Laurens Pierce, the CBS News cameraman who shot the well-known film of Arthur Bremer firing the shots that hit Wallace.

The Shooting of Gov. George Wallace, Part 2
In a rare television interview, possibly the last before her death, former Alabama First Lady Cornelia Wallace sat down with CBS 8 News in Florida in 2007. She remembered May 15, 1972, and what she did to protect her husband, Gov. George Wallace, in the moments after he was shot while campaigning for president.

Cornelia Wallace and Her Life in Politics
Former Alabama First Lady Cornelia Wallace shares her memories of Alabama politics with CBS 8 News in 2007. She was the one person who tied together Alabama's two most famous political families, the Wallaces and the Folsoms. This interview was conducted in Florida two years before her death.

The Life of Gov. Lurleen Wallace
Gov. Lurleen Wallace may have served as Alabama governor for only a short time -- from 1967 until cancer took her life in 1968 -- but she remains one of Alabama's most popular elected leaders to this day. She is remembered for her own personal and political accomplishments and not just as Gov. George Wallace's first wife.

Who Was Gov. George Wallace, Part 1
2011 marked the 25th anniversary of the year that Gov. George Wallace decided to retire from politics. In 1986, he chose not seek a fifth term and left office the follwing year. We talked with people who worked closely with him in the Alabama Capitol to see how history will remember the state's longest-serving governor.

Who Was Gov. George Wallace, Part 2
Gov. George Wallace may have said goodbye to Alabama politics more than 25 years ago, but his influence still touches Montgomery and the entire state even a quarter-century later. Do today's political leaders, both black and white, think he was Alabama's greatest governor ever?

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