Is Montgomery A Sad City? Study Says Yes


By Ashley Thompson

A study conducted by the University of Vermont lists Montgomery as one of the saddest cities in the country based on tweets from residents who live here.

So, are people in the Capitol City truly sad?

Researches followed the tweets of Montgomery residents for over a year before concluding that people here are sad. Though not everyone says that's the case.

Montgomery. The Capital of dreams? Or the Capital of sadness? That's what one study is suggesting, after Montgomery ranked 14th saddest city in the United States. But Can happiness really be measured by tweets? Some say no.

"I'm really happy in Montgomery," says resident Terrance Scroggins. "I think it's a beautiful place. The people are great. The food is great. The weather is wonderful."

"It's a nice place, the atmosphere down here," says resident Patricia Blackmon. "Everybody seems like they're friendly and I'm just a happy person."

Bob Parker owns three restaurants in the River Region and says many people in Montgomery are actually happy with the changes that have been made to the city.

"Downtown was very sad before," he says. "I would say eight years ago, when there was nothing here, then it would be very sad downtown. But now you've got the Alley Way, you've got the Biscuits, the Renaissance, the Riverfront..."

However there are others that say the study is spot on. We asked you on our Facebook page what you thought. Miranda Rae Rushton wrote "There's a reason I moved and never come back unless I have too."

Michael Briddell with the Mayor's office says last year, the Chamber of Commerce conducted a study of their own, which found that 61 percent of Montgomery residents say the city is moving in the right direction.

"Tweets are going to be subjective and the methodology they use is a little suspect," he says of the twitter study. "A lot of good things are going on here. Maybe just the wrong people were tweeting or maybe they were using the wrong words."

Dothan, Alabama was number 15 on the list.


Check out the full study here:

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