Is Greene County Raid Politically Motivated?


By Ashley Thompson

More than one thousand gambling machines were taken from Greene County casinos today. after Attorney General Luther Strange ordered them to be raided. Strange has been strong opponent of gambling since he took office but with this year being an election year, is he helping or hurting himself with this raid?

Four casinos in Greene County were raided, with cash and gambling machines taken. Attorney General Luther Strange released a statement saying in part, "From my first day in office, I have worked to ensure that illegal gambling laws are enforced consistently across the state."

But former Attorney General Troy King says the laws aren't clear.

"To this point, nobody has said, even to today, whether electronic bingo is legal or illegal in Alabama and we continue to enforce the law in a half hazard way."

Representative Joe Hubbard, who's running for Attorney General, says he believes Strange is only trying to make himself look good in an election year.

"When you have a politically motivated Attorney General who only shows up when it profits himself politically or his buddies and business partners financially, that's a problem," Hubbard says. "Right now, we have an Attorney General who hasn't shown up in the past four years and the only time he shows up is to have a press conference on some bingo hall raid."

The gambling machines and money confiscated from Greene County are being held as evidence until a later court date. Strange says the "casinos were operating in open defiance of the rule of law and we have been left with no alternative but to treat this as we would any other law enforcement matter."

Though King says the issue isn't about gambling but about abuse of power.

"It's a very dangerous precedent, for there to be any man in Alabama who has the authority to go in and interfere with businesses without having to comply with the checks and balances of the law."

Alabama News Network tried to get Attorney General Luther Strange to speak with us about this issue but we were told he wasn't available for an interview.


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