Montgomery Film Festival Back for a 5th Year


By Ashley Thompson

The Montgomery Film Festival is at the Capri Theater in Old Cloverdale. This is the fifth time the festival is being put on, growing bigger every year.

In 2009, there were just 15 film submissions and this year there were 55 so the film festival is definitely getting bigger, with supporters hoping it will soon be on the same level as Birmingham's Sidewalk Film Festival.

Anton Jackson is one of the founders of the Montgomery Film Festival. He says in 2009, he thought something was missing from Montgomery.

"When people think of film festivals in Alabama, people tend to think of the Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham and I thought well, we need to bring a central hub to the state so I decided why not bring one to Montgomery where we already have a theatre with plenty of prestige."

That prestigious theater is the Capri Theatre in Old Cloverdale. Built in 1941, the Capri has lots of history, but director Martin McCaffery says the theater is changing with the times.

"We have upgraded the 35, we upgraded our sound and now we've switched to digital," he says. "We still have the 35 but more and more of our presentations will be in digital."

And it's the new digital look that's bringing some to the film festival.

"Just because of them doing the whole digital projection this time around, I think it will be pretty interesting to see how the films actually look compared to actual 35 mm film," says viewer Thomas Lucas.

Out of 55 submissions, 14 films are showing in this years lineup. Jackson tells us its the most unique ones that make the cut.

"Which one was the most entertaining? Which one was the most ridiculous? Which one will people remember? Which one is not like anything you'll see on a multiplex or or TV?"

For some, the Montgomery film festival is just another reason to support the arts and the Capri Theatre

"I think its great," says Anna Terrell. "I think the Capri is one of the best things here. It's a weekend thing to do is be at the Capri, support the Capri."

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