Alabama Music Hall of Fame Chairman Headed to Montgomery


By Ashley Thompson

The Alabama Music Hall of Fame has been officially closed to the public since January.

This week, the Chairman of their Board of Directors will be in Montgomery meeting with lawmakers and looking at potential sites to possibly move the venue.

It costs about 400 thousand dollars a year to operate the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. After state funding was cut, they had to close their doors.

The Alabama Music Hall of Fame houses countless musical artifacts but now no one is able to see them. After closing in January, some have wondered what's become of the historical pieces. We spoke with the Chairman of the Board of Directors, who says they are still being preserved.

"They're in the best shape they've been in in years," he says. "We've gone through and in our time off, volunteers have actually gone through and cleaned all the exhibits up, replaced some things."

Right now, the Hall of Fame resides in Tuscumbia, in an area that doesn't see that much traffic. As a result, there have been efforts to relocate the museum. Representative Joe Hubbard has been leading the charge the bring the Music Hall of Fame to Montgomery.

"We're looking at some different spaces that we might be able to raise the money for privately," he explains. "Donors who've supported the hall of fame for years have expressed interest in raising money to move it here."

Hubbard says he believes Montgomery can provide the necessary traffic to keep the Hall of Fame self-sufficient. And Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange says he's behind the effort, though it's not at the top of his list.

"It would be something that we would love to have in Montgomery but from a priority standpoint, our first priority is the Questplex and the children's museum as well as the library of the future."

In the meantime, the artifacts in the Alabama Music Hall of Fame continue to be maintained by volunteers.

"We just take care of them," says Hall. "That's our board's job, to raise money to keep that going until we find a new home. And we will find a new home."

The Alabama Music Hall of Fame first opened in 1990. They are still taking donations to help them with finances.


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