12 Years After 9/11, U.S. to Get Involved in Another War?


By Ashley Thompson

Today especially, we remember September 11, 2001, when America was attacked by terrorists. Now, twelve years and several wars later, President Obama is advocating for a strike on Syria. But are Americans fatigued with war?

"It serves no purpose for us," Bob Taffet says of striking Syria.

Taffet is a retired Air Force colonel who flew fighter jets for 24 years. He tells us he doesn't believe attacking Syria is in America's best interest and compares the situation with another war, one that he fought in.

"Most of the United States' population was not in favor of us being in Vietnam and again, it was a revolution. One thing that we learned out of it was you don't get involved in revolutions and what's going on in Syria is a revolution."

Attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon propelled America into a war on terror. Now, over a decade later, America is still picking up the pieces. President Obama is calling for action against Syria, but he doesn't have full support from Congress or the American people.

"I think we police the world a little bit too much and sometimes you have to let people take care of their own," says Montgomery resident Mary Talley. "It might be time to let Syria handle their own business."

Though some others say they'll support the President and whatever his decision may be.

"As president, I have to believe in order to sleep at night, that he is lead by God and whatever his decision is and his leadership, they have to meet together," says Sharon Finklea.

Political Analyst Steve Flowers says he doesn't think the situation in Syria should involve the U.S. and tells us he believes the American people are getting tired of constant war.

"Our constitution clearly states that our armed forces and our defense is to protect our borders so I feel like we're not really in a position to police the world," he explains. "It affects our economy in America because it's such a drain on the budget."

Of course, there may be information that President Obama has that the American people do not, so he may perceive what's going on in Syria to be an imminent threat.


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