New Career Coaches For South Alabama Schools


By Amanda Wade

Schools in South Alabama are getting nearly 24 new career coaches for students.

This month Crenshaw County began the career coaching program to better prepare students for life after graduation.  
The Alabama Commission on Higher Education reports nearly 50% of students graduating high school last year in Crenshaw County went directly into the workforce.
Gary Sport, the General Manager of SMART Alabama, says, "Right now I feel like the children and these kids coming out of school have little idea of what they are stepping out into when they get into the real world."
And that's exactly what career coach, Polly Dubose, says she is aiming to fix, "We start with eighth grade students and do the career assessments and have a plan for them going into the ninth grade of a career path or career interest, whether that be college or employability skills."
Dubose says she will be helping students with college applications, resumes, scholarships, and whatever they might need to achieve their future career or schooling goals. Students at Brantley School, are looking forward to the program.
"She will help me with my job in the future and what college I need to go to," says Stefan King, a Brantley School Senior.
Clark Kilcrease, also a Brantley School Senior, says, "You know, I'm really excited that she can help me find the best area and the best way to get a job, and the best way to get there."
The Crenshaw County Superintendent hopes the career coaching program will help prevent drop outs and prepare students to be successful members of society, "As citizens of Crenshaw County, our ultimate goal is to grow our community," says Randy Wilkes.  
The Superintendent says they are also starting a program called Crenshaw Forward, which links local businesses with the school system to give students the skills that those employers are looking for in the workforce. 
Local businesses tell us they believe this program will help fill the need for skilled workers in the community. 

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