A-Day Game Security in Place for Auburn and Tuscaloosa


By Ellis Eskew

In the wake of the bombing at the Boston marathon, security is on the minds of a lot of people who plan to attend the A-day games at Auburn and Alabama... So will security be increased?

The Spring A-Day football game is always met with excitement and anticipation for the new football season in Auburn.

 "It's the unveiling of the new season and what we're going to look like and everybody gets so excited about seeing new players and what they are going to be able to do," said Cliff Hare.

Hare, owner of Auburn Art store, is looking forward to the weekend. And when it comes to security, he's not worried.

"No, I'm not concerned about security at all. This is a great family gathering of everyone and I'm not anticipating anything bad happening," said Hare.

Student Tara Talbott works at Auburn Art.
She says she always feels safe there.

 "Auburn is a very safe town. Definitely think the security will be fine. Not worried about it at all," said Talbott.

But in light of the Boston marathon bombings, the university and city police released this joint statement:

"The safety and security of our fans is always our top priority. The university and city of Auburn are treating A-Day as a regular football game and post-game celebration from a security standpoint. We believe our plan is a good one. However, the events in Boston this week give us the opportunity to re-evaluate all aspects of what we do."

And students say they feel comfortable knowing the university and city police will be out in full force.

"I feel like they will already have a lot because Auburn is going to be so highly populated this coming Saturday that they'll make sure we have enough people here, enough police forces to keep everyone safe," said Shannon Smith.


The University of Alabama released this statement regarding the A-Day game in Tuscaloosa:

"As a result of the tragic events in Boston this week, we are being even more proactive about the safety and security of our fans, which is one of our highest priorities. We know that our fans will work with us to make sure that this year's A-Day Game is a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone."

The universities say they would also like the fans to be vigilant anytime they are in public places and report any suspicious activity to law enforcement.


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