ASU Board Members Elton Dean, Marvin Wiggins Respond to Audit's Findings


By Alabama News Network

ASU Board members Elton Dean and Marvin Wiggins released statements regarding Governor Bentley and the findings of an independent audit performed on the university's finances.

Below are statements from ASU Board of Trustees Chairman Elton Dean and ASU Board of Trustees member Judge Marvin Wiggins regarding Governor Bentley.

Elton Dean's Statement

"I absolutely and categorically deny the baseless allegations made today about me. We worked with this Governor in good faith, and today he betrayed us and released a report that he knows is wrong. I can assure all those in the University family that we will not lie down and allow any Governor to take over ASU. We are being used and abused for political purposes by Gov. Bentley, and I resent it." - Elton Dean

Marvin Wiggins' Statement

"Governor Bentley was provided on Friday with information related to me that clearly and concisely disputed the findings of his report. Instead of basing his actions on facts, he has arbitrarily decided to try to remove me from the board so that he can begin the process of controlling Alabama State University. Our University has gained everything we have through struggles and fights for decades, and if a fight is what Gov. Bentley wants, he will certainly get it." - Judge Marvin Wiggins

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