ASU Claims Discrepancies in Audit Company's Findings


By Ellis Eskew

The battle between Alabama State University and Governor Robert Bentley continues over the ASU audit findings.

Wednesday, ASU released a press release questioning the Forensic Strategic Solutions (FSS)--the company that did the audit-- about its own merits and findings with the university.

The press release states:

"ASU annually engages in a comprehensive financial audit that is conducted by a national recognized firm Warren Averett.... ASU has consistently received "clean" audits from these highly qualified auditors.."

It also pointed out discrepancies in the company's audit.

 "Glaringly absent from the FSS report are any findings that money is missing or has been stolen from the more than $1.5 billion ASU received and managed during the eight-year assessment period. Instead, the report focuses on an alleged lack of documentation in connection with contract deliverables and system-wide changes in the University's accounting codes."

And claims the company was incorrect in gathering its facts.

"The 36-page FSS report concludes that "contracts and payments to persons who provided limited or no services to ASU and payments to persons that constituted a conflict of interest" totaled $2,503,216. FSS is incorrect in its conclusion, and the contracts in question represent less than two tenths of one percent (0.2%) of the $1.5 billion ASU received and successfully managed during the assessment period."

We reached out to the Governor's Office for a comment on these claims. However,  there was no response as of news time.

 ASU states the university's financial transactions are on the State of Alabama's open checkbook website for anyone to view.


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