ASU Continues President Search Despite Governor And Audit


By Alabama News Network

Governor Robert Bentley wants the university to take time off from looking for their next president to deal with the audit findings, but ASU is moving on with the search anyway. 


ASU has been looking for a president most of the year since president, Joseph Silver, resigned at the start of 2013.

Governor Robert Bentley has asked the university to deal with the results of the audit, which shows mismanagement of funds and implicates three board members, but the presidential search committee plans on continuing to meet anyways. 

State Senator Dick Brewbaker says that may not be in the university's best interest. 

"They can make any decision that they want to that they think is in the best interest of the university with or without the governor's permission. That said, the governor has the constitutional authority to unseat that board because at the end of the day they serve at his pleasure," said Sen. Brewbaker.

But members of the search committee aren't sure why the governor would want to stop something that they say has nothing to do with the audit. 

"I never understood why the work should be halted. A lot of good people of high integrity have invested a tremendous amount of time meeting since February or March almost monthly in the search for the next president," said Donald Watkins, one of the committee members. 

But all this is just the start of what legal analyst James Anderson sees as a feud.

"So I think this is the beginning of several rounds of volleys we're going to have between the governor's office and the board of trustees," said Anderson. 

The presidential search committee plans to meet Thursday at 6 o'clock

Governor Bentley plans to meet with the Board of Trustees soon to discuss the audit and the search for a new president. 

Watkins says the committee will narrow the search to about 10 people after this meeting. The committee started with about 50 candidates.

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