ASU scores a 74 on Food Inspection Report


By Ashley Thompson

Alabama State University students are upset after learning that their cafeteria may have roaches. The Fred Shuttlesworth Dining Hall received a score of 74 in their most recent food inspection. Now, students say they are worried about eating in there.

"I heard there were roaches in the pizza area, dirty ice machines, and cheese below temperature degrees," student Leslie Knight tell us.

"I heard that the cafeteria is real unsanitary," says student Derrick Moore.

In the most recent Montgomery County Food Inspection, the Fred Shuttlesworth Dining Hall at Alabama State University scored a 74.

In the report, a health inspector stated there was a presence of roaches, food not stored at the proper temperature and dirty ice machines.

After the low health rating was issued, students received several statements from the school.

The student government association issued a statement that reads in part "We met with Gourmet Services and they informed us that all leaks have been fixed, the freezer has been repaired, and the cafe will be sprayed twice a week by Pest Control."

University President, Dr. William Harris also sent out a statement saying "Failure to receive a credible score during the next inspection will result in the university identifying a new food service provider."

Late Wednesday, ASU's Vice President of University Relations Danielle Kennedy responded to the low rating.

"The university is very displeased with the score that our current vender received," says Kennedy. "It appears to be an anomaly as over the past five scores, the average has been around a 94."

State law requires that a health inspection score be placed in a visible location but we found the score tucked away behind both a sandwich counter and a tray rack.

The health department says a score of 74 means unsatisfactory...and would require a follow up within 60 days.

Still, students say they will continue to be wary of eating at their Dining Hall.

"It makes me feel like I cant trust them with food," says ASU senior Ramsey Mccall.


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