Adams' Glass Studio Reopens One Year After Fire


By Brittany Bivins

A Pike County business is re-opening its doors, after a fire devastated the building a year ago this week. On Thursday, people came from miles around to see the new Adams’ Glass Studio.

“It’s been a long time coming. I never thought it would take a year to do it, and I’m just glad the day is here,” said Charles Adams, the owner of Adams’ Glass Studio.
It’s a day he didn’t think he’d see after a fire destroyed the building and all his stained glass artwork. “It hit real hard. It was hard to see somewhere you’d grown up in, and now it was gone,” said Adams’ son, David.
Adams says he almost let the business go, but his family convinced him to change his mind, especially his son, David. “He’s been working with the glass with me since he was nine years old, and he needed a place to work, and he couldn’t see the business going down, so he and the rest of the family caused me to rebuild,” said Adams.
Adams says the new building is a big improvement, with better light, bigger windows, and the same fresh-roasted peanuts his parents used to sell when they ran the shop.
“I always regretted losing the nut side, but now then, we’re going to use the nuts, and the antiques and I think it will enhance the glass, too,” said Adams.
His customers agree. “A lot of folks have always come here to get specialty glass made, you now, definitely remembrances,” said Dino Ienni
The Adams’ Family says support from the community has helped them through the difficult process of rebuilding. “We heard from a lot of people that, you know, hadn’t been here in years, or from out of town, and that was real encouraging, to know what I meant to people,” said David Adams.
Charles Adams says his family is thankful for all the support they’ve received from the community, and he’s going to do whatever he can to give back. He’s created a special glass piece, with an angel rising from the ashes, to symbolize the business. The piece will be auctioned next week, with the proceeds going to the Johnson Center for the Arts.

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