After ALDOT Worker Fatality, State Troopers Stress Work Zone Safety


By Ashley Thompson

An Alabama Department of Transportation employee is killed this afternoon, when a mini-van strikes him off of U-S highway 231.

State troopers continue to investigate what they are calling a fatal crash that killed an employee with the Alabama Department of Transportation. The cause of the crash is still unknown but officials confirm a car struck a man, who was working on the side of the road. Now, Sargent Steve Jarrett is warning drivers to be more cautious.

"Motorists should always be aware that when they see signs of workers present, construction zones, orange barrels, they should be extra careful."

Though some drivers say they didn't see any caution signs.

"When I turned onto Troy highway, there weren't any workers signs but I saw two down there," says William Gill.

Gill owns a farm nearby and says he believes the speed limit in the area needs to be lowered.

"This center section at highway 82 and 231 where this accident has happened, people don't really slow down so it needs a 45 mile per hour speed limit and it needs a caution light real bad."

And Sargent Jarrett admits that people continued to speed even when state troopers were on the scene.

"We've got blue lights and cars blocking the lanes," he says. "People should be slowing down and using extra caution because they don't know what they're getting into but yet we're seeing them pass through here 70 plus miles an hour."

"It was just uncalled for," says passerby Classie Wigham. "I mean, you know, his life just gone for nothing. When they could have just slowed down and looked out for him."

"This happens everyday all over the place," says Stefford Burks. "People on the phones and texting and all this and that and they don't realize what they're doing until it's too late."

Again, troopers are still investigating. They don't know what caused the accident but a spokesperson with ALDOT tells Alabama News Network usually when a worker is injured or killed, it is the error of the driver.


Occupants in the mini-van were injured.

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