Alabama Christian Academy's Instagram Account Hacked


By Ashley Thompson

Alabama Christian Academy is warning parents that someone uploaded inappropriate pictures with the school's hashtag.

Along with the new school year, Alabama Christian Academy rolled out a new logo, new website, and new slogan. To celebrate the changes, the school held a pep rally.


All students 7th through 12th grade at ACA receive iPads from the school and were able to access instagram for the event. They were encouraged to upload pictures from the pep assembly using the hashtag #thriveACA.

"At our assembly yesterday, we had pictures of the cheerleaders, the band, using #thriveACA to get everybody pumped up about the sign," says junior Rachel Vogel. "The whole purpose was to honor God."

But things went south when someone began uploading explicit pictures using the hashtag. President Ronnie Sewell tells us it's put a damper on the week.

"I've had several folks come to me and just telling me how frustrated our own students are because it was such a positive day," he says. "For someone to try to throw water on it so to speak..."

ACA has since sent out numerous emails reassuring parents that the hashtag is no-more. Because the school owns all student iPads, they're able to monitor them. They've removed all pictures and their account. However, people are still able to access the hash tag from their personal devices.

"They did mention something about watching our children's activity, trying to be familiar with what they're doing at home as well as at school," says parent Renne Barsukoff.

ACA is currently trying to find who uploaded the inappropriate pics. Sewell tells us it's an ongoing investigation. Regardless, he says this incident will not keep the school from using social media.

"There's so many wonderful things that happen with social media and with technology but then when you turn that blade over, it can cut the wrong way." 





Alabama Christian Academy is now doing damage control after someone uploaded inappropriate pictures with the school's hashtag.

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