Alabama Improves Children's Well Being Rank

Josh Ninke


By Alabama News Network

Every year, the Kids Count study ranks states on how well they take care of their children.

For the first time ever, Alabama has moved out of the bottom five in the nation.
There's a lot that goes into these rankings every year, but Alabama is finally making some improvements.
"The databook looks at the economic well being of children, education measures, health measures, and family and security. Where alabama has done best and I'm not surprised is in health and education," said Linda Tilly, Executive Director for Alabama Children First.
She points to the state's preschool program as part of what's working for the state. Others think that we can be doing more to help educate older children as well.
"Being a teacher myself and teaching in New Orleans and now Montgomery, if teachers are given the materials and the funds that we need and are basically left alone they can pretty much do their job," said Montgomery resident Janelle Ford.
Tilly says that the main thing holding the state back is the economy. While that's hard to fix, she hopes we can make strides with our education policies to move the state forward. 
"Currently, let's be honest, our high school graduation exam doesn't cover 12th grade academics. We need more rigorous standards in school and next year I hope alabamians stand up for that." 
The state showed improvement across the board in education, but there's still a lot of work left to catch up with other states. 
New Hampshire captured the top spot this year. Check out all the stats by clicking here for their website. 

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