Alabama Lawmakers Discuss 'Problems' at Tutwiler Prison


Alabama lawmakers are discussing ways to prevent sexual abuse at Tutwiler Prison for Women in Wetumpka.

A Joint Legislative Prison Committee has reviewed a report from the National Institute of Corrections.

It lists 30 weaknesses at the prison including security, personnel and funding.

The committee members tossed around solutions.

Amanda Moore, who was an inmate at Tutwiler, says sexual and physical abuse happens, and she came to the meeting to be a voice for the women in the prison.

"It's just ridiculous how uniform they really are and to think these people are over the inmates in our state, and they are this clueless as to what really goes on in prison. It baffles me," says Moore.

Corrections Commissioner Kim Thomas requested the report after a group called Equal Justice Initiative said female prisoners were being raped, assaulted and harassed by male correction officers.

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