Alabama Public Television Not Selling Facilities to ASU


By Ashley Thompson

Alabama Public Television has confirmed to Alabama News Network that it will not sell its Montgomery buildings to ASU for the communications program.

Alabama State University made plans to purchase buildings in Montgomery from Alabama Public Television and turn them into a multi-million dollar communications center. ASU hired former news anchor Bob Howell to head the center with a salary of $187,000 per year - plus benefits. The new facility was supposed to open for students this fall but now, Alabama Public Television says they will keep the buildings. Executive Director Roy Clem says he believes APT still has use for them.

"Alabama Public Television has had those studios for many, many years," says Clem. "They've invested millions of dollars in those studios. When I looked at that, for the future production needs and capabilities that Alabama Public Television is going to need and for the future educational things we want to do, Alabama Public Television really needs to keep those studios."

Clem tells Alabama News Network the last time Alabama Public Television had any conversation with ASU about the buildings was last November.

"It was my impression that they weren't impressed with my ideas and that's possible," he says.

We caught up with some ASU students majoring in communications who tell us they now have concerns that ASU won't find another building to house the communications center by fall.

"As a communications major, I felt that I was getting the opportunity that other majors didn't have," says student Brittany Hogge. "Having that building, it was going to lead me to bigger success and give me a foundation that i can thrive on."

"That's the only reason I came to Alabama State," says freshman Kody Daffin.

A spokesperson for Alabama State University sent Alabama News Network a statement that reads "Alabama State University will continue to look for facilities that will meet the needs of its communications students."

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