Alabama Unemployment Gets Closer to Governor's Goal


By Josh Ninke

This is the lowest Alabama's unemployment has been since Governor Robert Bentley took office, coming in at 6.5%. Some people in Montgomery think that he's the driving force behind the dropping numbers. 

People in Montgomery are happy to see this month's unemployment numbers. Some residents say they've seen lots of jobs in the area.

"Well things have been slow but they're better. I mean there are plenty of jobs. People just need to get out and look for them," said Montgomery resident Albert Smith.

"There are a lot of jobs in Montgomery! It's everything from blue collar to white collar jobs. Technology, customer support, everything you can imagine," agreed area resident Lisa Stowers.

Alabama isn't exactly where Governor Robert Bentley wants it to be though. He promised in his first campaign that his goal was 5.2% statewide, and he wouldn't take any salary until we got there.

With the governor's reelection campaign in full swing and a possible second term ahead, does he plan to continue without a salary?

"So what I'll do is I will continue that promise. Even if I'm reelected and it's not 5.2 I won't take a salary until it's 5.2," said Governor Bentley. 

The governor has been announcing new jobs across the state this year, including new facilities like Air Bus in Mobile. He says he expects these companies to push the rate down even further.

"These are good high paying jobs. Now, these are future jobs. People say, well those jobs aren't here yet and no, they're not. But they will be because we know that these companies are coming, they're building and eventually those jobs will be here over the next year or so."


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