Alabama, Virginia Tech Fans Take Over Atlanta Before Gameday


By Ashley Thompson

 Alabama fans and Virginia Tech fans have arrived. They've been in downtown Atlanta tailgating all day but they're really just ready to see some football tomorrow.

College football is finally back. And Alabama fans tell us they're more than ready for the Tide's first game.
''Im really excited,'' says fan Butch Mcgee. ''We know Bama is going to win.''
''Well, I'm very optimistic and a big Bama fan so I think were going to pull it out,'' says Steve Lessmann of Huntsville.
Other fans say they're looking way past the first game.
''The expectations? We've got another big trophy!'' Alabama fan Anne Pope tells us.
We also caught up with some Virginia Tech fans who say they believe their team has the edge in Saturday's matchup.
''I think Virginia Tech has a chance as long as they create turnovers and play great defense,'' says Randy Beasley.
Everywhere you look in downtown Atlanta, you'll see crimson or maroon and orange. Sometimes, even at the same tailgate. Like a group of neighbors who traveled from Florida together to cheer for both teams.
''We were here for the last time Virginia Tech and Alabama played, so we couldn't miss this time,'' says Alabama fan Laurie Gallop. Her friend Chris Brace continues...
''We'll have disagreements but we'll still be friends at the end of the day, '' he adds.
Before gametime, Atlanta will host a Virginia tech tailgate and a Bama bash to pump fans up. Sheryl Crow will also be headlining a free concert in Centennial olympic park. But most fans we spoke with say they're sole focus is to see the game.
''If we can get the second, third string in before the half, Ill be extremely  happy,'' says Dale McDonald.
''Saban is going to pass Bear Bryant as the greatest college football coach ever,'' Michael Cohan tells us.

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