Alabamians Upset With Talk Of New Gun Restrictions


By Ashley Thompson

The Obama Administration has hinted that the President could use an executive order to create new gun control legislation. Now, some are asking does he have the power to do that?

Some say guns are a part of Alabama culture. They're used in large part for recreation and some people feel that new gun control could actually create more problems

The topic of gun control has been a hot button issue since the school shooting massacre in Newtown Connecticut. President Obama addressed the nation soon after saying that he would use whatever power his office holds to prevent similar tragedies. But some feel as if using executive order to ban firearms is an attack on the second amendment.

"I'm keeping my guns," says hunter Larry Philbot. "Nobody's going to take my guns because they belong to me and I have that right."

Tony Ellis is a taxidermist who makes a living off of others using guns. He says banning them would only hurt some Alabama businesses.

"Guns are very important to the taxidermy industry or anything to do with hunting and fishing or outdoor recreation," he says.

Ellis says that although most hunters don't use assault rifles, banning them is still not the answer.

"They can outlaw guns, ban guns, ban certain guns- it doesn't matter," he says. "Somebody that wants to commit a crime with a gun, they're going to get one."

The White House has said that concrete proposals to curb gun violence will be created by the end of January. But CBS 8 Legal Analyst says the President and his Administration have limited power.

"The only thing I can see passing is something like we had pass when President Clinton was in office," he says. "I think they'll have some restriction on automatic weapons."

Anderson says any new legislation will most likely be met with some objection.

"Could the legislature pass a law? Yeah, they could but it's up to our courts to define that so whatever gets passed will probably be challenged in the courts."

Joe Biden said today that recommendations for new gun legislation will be introduced by next Tuesday.


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