Andalusia Expansion Plans For 2013


By Catalina Trivino

Andalusia officials say there's plenty to be excited about in the New Year as they hope to transform their city.

From more housing to an entertainment district -- Andalusia city officials say they have lots of expansion plans for 2013.

There are big plans for the future of Andalusia. The city plans to transform it into a hub of entertainment ,shopping and living -- a vision that's turning into a reality.

"Which would include a theater and the possibility for restaurant type dining facilities, shops.. that type of thing," Said city treasurer, John Thompson.

This means more business prospects are on the horizon for 2013, including more industrial, retail and restaurant businesses. Andy Wiggins, Director of Planning and Development, says in order to bring more business they'll have to move forward with having sufficient housing available -- so they're hoping to turn this lot into an upscale apartment complex -- about 130 units complete with a pool, club house and gym.

"By not having those we've seen companies choose other communities instead of ours. And I think that's one of the things that we desperately need in our community to help us to continue to grow and attract more jobs," Said Wiggins.

South Three Notch Street will also be getting a make-over. Renovation will be underway in the coming months. The streets will be resurfaced and all utilities will be moved underground. City officials also say they're working on developing a downtown entertainment district.

Currently Andalusia does not have anythign like an upscale apartment complex or an entertainment district. They're hoping this will attract more people to the city.

City leaders tell us there's no estimated completion date yet for any of these projects. They hope to start them this year.


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