Andalusia Gears Up For World Championship Domino Tournament


By Catalina Trivino

Some of the best domino players in the world are making their way to the city of Andalusia...

That's because they're coming for the annual World Championship Domino Tournament, keeping organizers busy as they put the final touches on the event.

While this room may look slightly empty now, in just a few days it will be packed with visitors from all over to play the game that's known as Andalusia's claim to fame.

"We have the adult singles, the adult doubles and then we have the teams, then we have the children. So this gives us an opportunity to keep the pipeline full of domino players," Said Wilbur Williams, President of the Andalusia Rotary Club.

Williams is one of the organizers for the 38th Annual World Championship Domino Tournament. He says pre-registered players come from 12 states and while no one has registered from out of the country so far, he says the tournament has walk-ins from people as far as Japan.

Williams says he's expecting about 200 players this year.

But Best Western front desk clerk, Samantha Walker, says she's not feeling a packed house compared to other years.

"This is where we have blocked off for the domino tournament. And you can see, there's not as many filled up rooms... all of these blank spaces," Said Walker, who says they're spaces that are usually sold out.

Sheila Gunter at the Days Inn hotel says 23 of 43 rooms have been filled for the weekend and she's hoping for more last minute walk-ins.

"Well, we'll have some that actually show up that's not made a reservation they'll just walk in and stay the whole week sometimes. So, right now it's relly hard to say how many we're going to have, but we're usually booked," Said Gunter.

Event organizers say they expect about 40 walk-ins for the tournament. These hotels are hoping that will fill up some more rooms.

The actual tournament begins 8 a.m. on Friday at the Andalusia Kiwanis Center and lasts through Saturday. It's still not too late to register -- just visit



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