Animal Cruelty Arrests Made In Crenshaw Co.


By Catalina Trivino

Two Crenshaw County women are arrested on charges of animal cruelty. You're looking at Laura Simmons being re-arrested today. She's accused of not telling investigators where her horses were relocated.

She and her mother, Vicki Law, were previously arrested Thursday night. Investigators say they found 12 horses looking starved and sickly at a home on Highway 331. A court order was issued to take the horses to Dusty Trails Horse Rescue in Montgomery County.. But when investigators arrived, they say some horses were missing...

"We removed three yesterday. We were coming back today to remove the rest. Once we got here, we noticed just about all the horses had been moved off the property and we're trying to locate where those horses are at at this time," Said Crenshaw County Investigator, Heath Truman.

"Emotions can't really be put into words. Not when we see something like this. It is frustrating. Upsetting. It's sad," Said CEO of Dusty Trails Horse Rescue, Monika Orendorf.

Investigators say they have recently found the remaining horses, which were moved to Shelby County. Simmons will be released tomorrow on a $3,000 bond.



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