Thursday, December 18, 2014

Police Arrest Man for Murder in Union Springs
By Brittany Bivins

A Tallassee man is behind bars, charged with murder in Bullock County. Police arrested 20-year-old Brandon Parker in Tallassee Friday morning. He's accused of shooting Carlos Bullard outside a Union Springs nightclub last month. Union Springs Police Chief Clarence Wheeler says they don't yet know a motive for the shooting.

In response to the murder, Bullock County Sheriff Raymond Rodgers says the city will crack down on guns in local nightclubs. "A gun or a knife or any type of weapon with alcohol can influence you to do things you wouldn't do every day," said Rodgers.

Wheeler says the police department will back up Rodgers' attempts to eliminate guns in local clubs. "Guns and alchohol don't go together. You know, when you get them in there, people get to drinking, and you say something, tempers get to flaring, and anything can happen with guns," said Wheeler.

Rodgers says anyone who sees suspicious activity in a club should contact local law enforcement.