Artist Steve Skipper Donates Artwork to Tallassee High School


By Brittany Bivins

Well-known Alabama sports artist Steve Skipper is making a big donation to a local high school.

Skipper received a key to the city of Tallassee from Mayor Bobby Payne, after he donated $10,000 worth of artwork to Tallassee High School.

The works are original paintings by Skipper, who has done work for college and professional sports teams all across the country. Skipper says this is a personal gift in honor of his father Johnny Skipper, who was born and raised in Tallassee.

"It's one of the most awesome feelings I've ever felt in my life. I mean, I've met a lot of tremendous people and did a whole lot of different things all over the country and I've never felt like this. I had expected something, but this is a little bit more than I expected," Skipper said.

Tallassee High School officials say they plan to hang the artwork permanently in the halls of the school.


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