Attempted Murder Victim Speaks After Prosecuters Find Del Toro Guilty


By Catalina Trivino

It's a story of courage: an Andalusia woman held captive and tortured for hours, then shot multiple times... lives to see the man who tried to murder her... and a judge finds him guilty of his charges.

Two years ago, Judy Murrell was tortured in her home for 14 hours. Prosecuters say she was then shot three times by her boyfriend, who she was separated with at the time. Now, whe gives us an inside look on what it was like to be held against her will and how courage has helped her cope.



Murrell says she had to use a wheel chair, then a walker for about five months after the incident. While she says this has completley changed her life, she says her family's support has helped her cope.


Del Toro will be eligible for parole in 23 years.



A shot on her side; another shot in the pelvis, and another in the chest -- they're gunshot wounds Judy Murrell says she suffered after prosecuters say Raul Mariano Del Toro attempted to kill her, then torture her 14 hours in April 2011.

"He tackled me one time he did have a knife and put it up to my throat and told me if I scream, he was going to kill me there and just being slapped and other types of torture," Said Murrell.

It all started at her home. District Attorney, Walt Merrell, says it's a case he'll never forget...

"Beat her, sexually tortured her cut all her hair off, it was one of the most horrific and terrifying case files that I've ever read," Said Merrell.

That's when Judy Murrell says Del Toro took her into this car at gunpoint and made her lay her seat down so nobody could see her.

"And I could tell the way he was going from my house that we were coming around the square and I already had it in my mind to pull the steering wheel," Said Murrell.

Turning into a light pole on East Three Notch Street, shortly after prosecuters say Del Toro fired four rounds... three striking Murell.

That's when prosecuters say he fled and she was found abandoned near her vehicle.

Now, two years later, Del Toro was convicted of Attempted Murder and Sexual Torture. He'll serve two life sentences.

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