Chizik Out: Auburn Fans React to Ousting of Head Coach


By CBS-8 Reporter

After word got out that Gene Chizik was fired, CBS-8 spoke with football fans about Auburn's decision to get rid of the head coach.

"I'm not surprised he got fired, he should've never been hired in the first place," said Joe Pernell. "I mean he didn't win a national championship. Cam Newton and Nick Farely won it so he doesn't have any real coaching skill set."

Another fan, Kevin Thomas said, "49-0? Look at Tuperville 36-0 and he was gone. That's even worse. It's about time for us to make some changes around here. The SEC is about competition. We've got to compete. War Eagle!"

"Well, I'm definitely not surprised of the firing" Reginald Berlow, said. "The Auburn family deserves better. Winning a National championship two years ago and then to come into the season and start 0 for 2, and finishing off the season winning with 2 ball games, and 0 in 8 in the conference, I think they deserve better. "

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