Auburn to Remove Poisoned Oaks at Toomer's Corner


By Alabama News Network
By Jamie Langley

AUBURN, Ala. (AP) - Auburn University's poisoned oak trees will soon come down, bringing an end to an era and a drastic change to the landscape.


City crews will begin work early Tuesday removing the landmark oaks, which are all but dead after being poisoned by a rabid fan of the University of Alabama.


Harvey Updyke Jr. is serving a jail term after pleading guilty to spiking the oaks with a powerful herbicide, and experts say they can't be saved.


So workers will use chainsaws and heavy equipment to remove what's left of the once-lush hardwoods at Toomer's Corner.


Auburn fans traditionally roll the trees with toilet paper after a big victory, and tens of thousands rolled the trees after the spring football game last Saturday.

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