Authorities Cross State Lines To Make Synthetic Marijuana Bust


By Amanda Wade

Crenshaw County deputies, Federal agents and Florida authorities have seized more than 17-hundred bags of synthetic marijuana during a sting in Florida. You may remember deputies made a similar bust less than two weeks ago in Crenshaw County. That's where the district attorney says the suspect was headed.

Crenshaw County deputies made a $350,000 drug bust in Florida and they say it's in connection with a drug in the county that was being distributed to teens across the area. Authorities say they're just glad the drugs weren't distributed again.

This is what authorities say they found inside a car travelling in Jackson County, Florida. They found 14 kilos of the drug, better known as spice. Authorities say this bust is in connection with a drug ring that stems from Florida. It's one that planned on passing through Crenshaw County and into Tennessee.

"But it was intercepted before it could actually hit the streets in Crenshaw County, which is a good things. We know it's in our county and we are trying to stop it from coming in our county," Said District Attorney, Charlotte Tesmer, who says the distributors are targeting teens in the area. Superintendent Randy Wilkes says they haven't found any synthetic marijuana on students in the school system. He says they have a plan in case they find some.

"[I] brought the principals up to date, [we] reviewed our policy and procedures, from that point on we just have been very cognizant of what we feel like is a new drug," Said Wilkes.

It's a new drug for authorities in the county, as well.

"We're still learning a lot about it. And seeing more of it. It's becoming more abundant as times goes on," Said Crenshaw County Chief Investigator, Mike Johnson.

"It's becoming a problem. It's becoming almost as much of a problem as meth," Said Tesmer.

Authorities are not releasing the name of that supplier, but the suspect has been charged with trafficking a controlled substance.

The superintendent says he will be meeting with teachers in the coming weeks to discuss what the drug is and how to create a stronger drug free policy.


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