Police Say High School Burglar Connected to Serious Crime in Hayneville


By Jessica Gertler

From Lowndes County-- Authorities say the man who vandalized and stole thousands of dollars worth of electronics from a high school is wanted for other serious crimes in Hayneville. Authorities say he lives in the Montgomery area and is considered to be armed and dangerous.

Hayneville Police are releasing surveillance video exclusively to Alabama News Network. Chief Kelvin Mitchell says the man who wore a white mask and smashed in windows at the Hayneville Associated Grocer on Highway 2 is Deon Jenkins.

"I have known him for a long time. I know he is dangerous," Mitchell says.

Mitchell says Jenkins never made it inside the grocery store. He fled the scene when he saw a car coming. The owner says the man left a mess to cleanup.

"That's a direct loss to the company that we have to eat I guess," says Owner Alan Langley.

A week later, Mitchell says Jenkins invaded an elderly couple's home and made away with cash and jewelry. 

"He takes advantage of elderly people," Mitchell says.

And get this,  Mitchell says Jenkins came back to the same home days later, but this time, he says Jenkins injured the husband when he threw a flower pot at his back.

"He took his wallet and some currency," he says. "He closed them in the back door and left through the wooded area."

Lowndes County deputies say Jenkins is the man behind this destruction at Calhoun High. They say he stole $10,000 worth of electronics and then sold it.

Mitchell says Jenkins is from Lowndes County, a graduate from Calhoun High and someone he's determined to catch. 

"We won't stop until we find him. We are not going to tolerate this kind of behavior in Hayneville," Mitchell says.

Deputies say Jenkins is not the only person involved in the Calhoun High incident. They say once they catch Jenkins, they will be able to find out who else played a part.

If you have seen Jenkins or know of his whereabouts, you're asked to call Lowndes County Sheriff's Office at (334) 548-2222.

Authorities say they have also asked the U.S. Marshalls office for help.

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